Advocacy campaign: Oregon climate bill

This spring, I used PFT’s new digital advocacy tools from The Action Network to generate letters to Oregon legislators, specifically to help pass a groundbreaking climate bill. This bill, HB 2020, would make Oregon the second state after California to put a cap on carbon regardless of sector (aside from a few last-minute exemptions put in to reduce opposition).

PFT has sent roughly one dedicated message per month on this campaign in addition to our usual messaging stream. In February, we introduced the bill; in April, we gave an update and asked people to urge their legislators to strengthen the bill; in May and June, we targeted people who are represented by members of the committees the bill was in.

I’ve been careful to ensure the suggested tweets and Facebook posts mention PFT and key hashtags. PFT is doing its part as part of a coalition of groups in Oregon to make climate history; my work has elevated its role with PFT’s constituents, partner groups, and legislators by delivering quantifiable results for the first time (if modest, based on the size of PFT’s list).

Though the bill was held up at the end of the regular session, it was very close to passage and it’s clear that we are closer to meaningful climate action in Oregon than ever before.

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