Fundraising email: Rodoni for Supervisor (“Your contributions count the most TODAY”)

Dennis Rodoni was a first-time candidate for Marin County District 4 Supervisor in 2016; while I was at The Next Generation, I worked with him and his team managing his online outreach during the general election, from email to web to digital ads. He defeated his opponent by 1,000 votes (52% to 48%) despite being outfundraised. Here’s a last-minute fundraising email I wrote for him (almost certainly relying on my prior “email Mad Libs” work).

Subject: Your contributions count the most TODAY
From: Dennis Rodoni for Supervisor 2016
Date: October 22, 2016

Dear Jason,

Today is a big day: It’s the final campaign finance reporting deadline for the November 8th election.

Will you make a contribution to my campaign for Marin County Supervisor today?

Contributions made today will show up on the record and are a key indicator of campaign health. The more generously you’re able to contribute today, the less likely it is that last-minute surprise expenditures will come in against me — and the more we can do targeted online advertising and other outreach that will ensure that our supporters get that last Election Day push to get out and vote, or their final reminder to fill out and drop off their vote-by-mail ballots.

As we approach the last two weeks of the campaign, I am grateful for all of your support to date. Your help with phonebanking and walking precincts has helped me identify who I need to reach in the district. Your contribution today could make the difference in whether or not I get elected to represent your interests and values as the next Marin County District 4 Supervisor. Please make a donation to my campaign today. Thank you!


Dennis Rodoni